• 1. Kofidah nano-photon air purification-ultraviolet sterilization technology
  • 2. Kofidah nano-photon air purification-activated carbon adsorption technology
  • 3. Kofidah nano-photon air purification-high-voltage electric shock ozone technology
  • 4. Kofidah Nano-photon Air Purification-Efficient Electrostatic Dust Removal Technology

Analysis of the use place of photohydrogen ion purifier


Where is the photohydrogen ion purifier used? When it comes to where the photohydrogen ion purifier should be, it should be available in many places. Now let’s first introduce the photohydrogen ion purification technology, and then introduce the application field. , Characteristics and places of application.

1. Purification skills of photohydrogen ions

PHT photohydrogen ion air purification technology is the introduction of photocatalysis made with 100nm-300nm wide-band photon wave generator tube and polymer materials. It generates electrons, ions, low concentration oxygen ions, hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl radicals and many negative ions. It can effectively eliminate all kinds of viruses, bacteria, and toxic and harmful gases in the air. Nano-photohydrogen ion technology can reduce air pollution through the differentiation ability of a variety of oxidants, degrade mold, smoke, TVOC chemical odor, odor, Remove bacteria, viruses, degrade particles, low energy consumption, use life is about 12000 hours, air purification. The reduction of airborne bacteria, viruses and molds is usually more than 98%.

2. Application field

Nano-photon hydrogen ion purifier is mainly installed in the central air-conditioning fan coil unit, air-conditioning combined fan cabinet, air duct and other places. In general, the equipment is selected to be installed in the return air outlet or air outlet of the fan coil and the return air or air supply duct of the central air conditioner. Use screws to fix the light hydrogen ion purifier in the selected position, and then connect the power cord.

3. Features

Deodorization and deodorization

Continuously eliminate harmful microorganisms

Complete purification, no secondary pollution

Stable operation, simple operation and convenient device

Aluminum-clad zinc plate shell, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, longer use

Environmental protection, energy saving, low wind resistance

4. Place of application

Medical system: hospitals, operating rooms, pharmaceutical factories, blood stations in isolation wards, etc.,

Factory: optical factory, electronics factory, sanitary products workshop, cosmetics factory, plastic hardware coating factory, food factory, etc.

Office buildings: telecommunications, securities, banks, office buildings, meeting rooms, offices, etc.

Public places: beauty shops, supermarkets, stations, airports, hotels, campuses, tea rooms, exhibition halls, libraries, etc.

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