• 1. Kofidah nano-photon air purification-ultraviolet sterilization technology
  • 2. Kofidah nano-photon air purification-activated carbon adsorption technology
  • 3. Kofidah nano-photon air purification-high-voltage electric shock ozone technology
  • 4. Kofidah Nano-photon Air Purification-Efficient Electrostatic Dust Removal Technology
  • Electronic purifier
    Electronic purifier

    The circulation method of fan coil return air inlet, air supply outlet, fresh air outlet and other methods to improve indoor air quality. When the dirty air enters from the air outlet under the effect of the fan, the plasma electrostatic field and the filter simultaneously purify

  • Light hydrogen ion purifier
    Light hydrogen ion purifier

    The function: Effectively kill harmful microorganisms: such as mold, legionella, hepatitis virus, SARS virus, coronavirus, avian influenza virus, influenza virus, etc.; differentiation can evaporate organic matter: benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, ether, TVOC and other chemical or

  • Nano Photocatalyst Purifier
    Nano Photocatalyst Purifier

    The comprehensive photocatalyst can effectively reduce pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, ammonia, TVOC, etc., and has high-efficiency and extensive disinfection performance, and can differentiate and harmless toxins released by bacteria or fungi. Continui

  • Air conditioning box type nano purifier
    Air conditioning box type nano purifier

    It can be conveniently installed in the air-conditioning box of the air-conditioning system. The strong oxidized ion group generated by the air purifier centrally processes the supply and return air, thereby purifying the indoor air. Performance and effect: Purification produced

  • Duct type air purifier
    Duct type air purifier

    It can be easily installed in the ventilation duct of the air-conditioning system. The strong oxidized ion group produced by the high-efficiency photon tube of the equipment can enter each room with the air flowing in the duct to purify the indoor air. Performance and effect: 1.

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