• 1. Kofidah nano-photon air purification-ultraviolet sterilization technology
  • 2. Kofidah nano-photon air purification-activated carbon adsorption technology
  • 3. Kofidah nano-photon air purification-high-voltage electric shock ozone technology
  • 4. Kofidah Nano-photon Air Purification-Efficient Electrostatic Dust Removal Technology

High voltage electrostatic purifier has the following characteristics


The high-voltage electrostatic purifier has the following characteristics:

1. It has outstanding functions of eliminating smoke and mist. Electrostatic air purification equipment can capture all fine dust and mist droplets, with high efficiency and long-term stability. In addition, the equipment has little wear and tear, reasonable planning, correct production and installation, and timely maintenance. The equipment can generally operate efficiently for a long time. I believe this is a concern for buyers, because the purchase of an electrostatic purifier itself is to purify oil fume. If this function is not good, then no one is willing to buy it.

2. Low pressure loss and low energy consumption. Electrostatic air purifiers use Coulomb force to collect dust, so the fan only carries smoke, so the airflow resistance is very small, about 100-300 Pa. In addition, although the operating voltage of the electrostatic air purification equipment itself is high, the current is very small, so the power consumption of static electricity is very small. The air purification equipment is very small. Energy-saving and money-saving, won the favor of the majority of users.

3. Wide range of application. It is not only suitable for grinding machines, gear processing, large-scale processing centers, but also for other equipment that produces a lot of oil mist, dust, oil fume and emulsified aerosol. When the flue gas index changes within a certain range, the function of the electrostatic air purification equipment remains basically unchanged.


Fourth, maintenance is very simple. If you choose a suitable type and standard of electrostatic air purification equipment, the installation quality is good, the operation process strictly abides by the operation regulations, and the daily maintenance operations are almost seldom.

5. Simple installation. Four highly elastic rubber shock absorbers are installed on the top or side support of the machine tool. The high-function wind generator and high-elastic rubber shock absorber ensure that the equipment has low vibration and noise.

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