• 1. Kofidah nano-photon air purification-ultraviolet sterilization technology
  • 2. Kofidah nano-photon air purification-activated carbon adsorption technology
  • 3. Kofidah nano-photon air purification-high-voltage electric shock ozone technology
  • 4. Kofidah Nano-photon Air Purification-Efficient Electrostatic Dust Removal Technology

Explain the ten advantages of micro static purifier


The advantages of micro static purifier:

1. Miniaturized equipment, easy to install, maintain and clean;

At the beginning of the planning and development of the air purifier at the end of the air conditioner, the actual use situation of the mall was fully considered, from installation to operation, to maintenance and cleaning at a later stage.

2. Use advanced electrostatic ion skills to replace traditional media filters;

The third generation of ionization skills, the use of dual-stage electrode plate filtration, dual voltage separation, to a large extent restrict the occurrence of ozone, the ozone content is only a few tenths of the specification, and is also one of the few with the third generation of ionization filtration skills enterprise. The electrostatic filter can be cleaned repeatedly, without loss, once installed, and can always be used.

3. Maintain the fan coil and extend the service life of the equipment;

The application of the product can fully match the existing equipment, the customer's installation threshold is low, and the entire system can achieve the effect of 1+1 greater than 2.

4. Borrow fan coil power to truly purify the whole house;

Products follow the principle of high efficiency and energy saving.

5. Low noise, no new noise pollution;

One of the principles of product planning is "Do not do the useless work of demolishing the east wall to make up the west wall".

6. Suppress air pollution in the air duct and equipment, it is not easy to breed bacteria, and avoid secondary pollution of indoor air;

The product focuses on a comprehensive and complete purification effect.

7. It does not change the existing planning scheme of the central air conditioner and is convenient to use;

The product accommodates the customer's original product system and has no threshold for use.

8. Avoid the accumulation of dust inside the fan coil, which affects the heat and humidity exchange function of the air conditioner;

The product also meets basic functional requirements.

9. Effectively filter PM2.5, the single purification power is more than 95%;

Passed the ISO9001 quality certification; obtained more than 10 patents; passed the PM2.5 filter power, safety quality inspection and other qualified tests of the product quality supervision and inspection center;

10. With sterilization function, it can effectively kill bacteria and microorganisms in the air;

In the section of air purification, real clean air can be achieved.


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