• 1. Kofidah nano-photon air purification-ultraviolet sterilization technology
  • 2. Kofidah nano-photon air purification-activated carbon adsorption technology
  • 3. Kofidah nano-photon air purification-high-voltage electric shock ozone technology
  • 4. Kofidah Nano-photon Air Purification-Efficient Electrostatic Dust Removal Technology

The principle description of photohydrogen ion purifier


The redox reaction is repeated after irradiating with light hydrogen ions. When using titanium dioxide in environmental purification, there is air around, oxygen and water in the air, and oxygen and water actively participate in the reaction structure.

The nano-photocatalytic reaction is caused by the photon shining on the nano-titanium. It is also known as light-solid surface reaction and light-solid interface reaction. After the nano-titanium absorbs the photons irradiated by the light hydrogen ion generating tube, electrons and holes are generated inside the titanium oxide. The electrons and holes dispersed on the surface can participate in the photocatalytic reaction. The more electrons and holes can be obtained on the surface of the nano-titanium, The better the response.

The principle description of photohydrogen ion purifier

Fast: The photohydrogen ion system can kill 78% of the germs within 90 centimeters of the beginning of the droplets, greatly reducing the possibility of the disease being transmitted through the air.

Comprehensive: Photo-hydrogen ion purification technology can eliminate harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, and differentiate harmful gases.

Automatic: Most air purification equipment only uses the cyclic treatment method to perform&"forced treatment of GG" on the air, which has a slow speed and poor performance, and is prone to hygienic dead ends. The light hydrogen ion technology generates purification particles throughout the space, automatically differentiates various harmful pollutants, and can simultaneously kill bacteria and viruses, preventing airborne diseases.

Safety: It can be used for a long time in the human environment without any harm to the human body.

Economical: Filtered air purification equipment requires frequent replacement of filter equipment and timing protection, with high costs. The air purifier with photon skills is used to ensure protection for one and a half years of work, one-time investment, no accessories, and a service life of up to 10 years.

Convenience: The use of lightweight planning, small product size and light weight, easy to install and disassemble, use without special protection.

Silent: No working parts, no additional noise will occur.

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